[rescue] Re: NetApps

Brian Dunbar brian.dunbar at plexus.com
Wed Apr 7 14:59:50 CDT 2004

On Apr 7, 2004, at 12:03 PM, Phil Stracchino wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 10:17:33AM -0600, Dan Duncan wrote:
>> On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Bill Bradford wrote:
>>> to another listmember).  After talking with some guys on the 
>>> Toasters list,
>>> turns out that it was a "heat/temperature torture test chamber" 
>>> unit, for
>>> controlling shelves of disks while they were heated to failure.
>> I have a SPARC that does that.  (Bah-dump-dump)
>> Do you know where I can get the NetApp simulator for Linux?  I still
>> have a valid NetApp support account through the end of the month.
> DOH!  That's right.  NetApp set it up so that you can't get their
> simulator without having a support account, and therefore a NetApp, and
> therefore no real need for the simulator, didn't they?

I have a plausible need for a simulator right now.  I want to test the 
ability of a NetApp to function as a quorum disk for a Server 2003 
cluster.  Our dev NeApp is the wrong version and I've got to wait until 
the it's brought up to the latest rev before I can test the 

But yah, I take your point.


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