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Eric Dittman dittman at dittman.net
Wed Apr 7 13:44:02 CDT 2004

> > >Agreed.  There went a damned nice architecture.  I *WANTED* an n-way
> > >21364 box, dammit!
> > 
> >   You can still buy Alphas, man.  They're not dead yet.
> Very true, but I don't think the 21364 ever actually made it to
> production.  I no longer remember the details of the scuttlebutt about
> what the memory architecture was going to be, but by all accounts it was
> going to have cache and memory bandwidth out the wazoo.

The 21364 is out and available.  The EV7 is the 21364 and is available in
the GS1280, ES47, and ES80.  The EV7 uses RDRAM.
Eric Dittman
dittman at dittman.net

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