[rescue] Microphone for Octane under IRIX

Matthew Haas wedge at lightlink.com
Wed Apr 7 11:47:54 CDT 2004

Hello everyone,

 I've been trying to play with some of the audio hardware hanging off of
my Octane, specifically the Microphone port. So far I've had to luck in
getting any microphone to work with the system.

 In apanel, I click on "Meter" and "Monitor", but am always met with a
sort of grinding/high-pitched noise. I try the microphone when it is on or
off.. no change.

 I just picked up an AudioTechnica ATR20 microphone to give it another
shot... no luck, same thing happens. (Previously I've tried a generic
Radio Shack 33-2001A and even the old Sun microphones)

 Am I missing something obvious here? I've been reading up on this whole
Electret vs. Dynamic or whatnot major technologies in microphones... I
read somewhere in the Octane documentation that they may ship their
systems with an electret microphone... Do I need to search for a specific
type of microphone? And if so, any recommendations?

 I encountered an old thread off Google Groups that gave some suggestions
on loading an IRIX module into the kernel.. is Microphone support in the
kernel by default? (Do I need to actually boot up with the microphone
plugged in for it to be recognized??)

 Any good pointers for finding out more about configuring one's kernel
parameters and modules loaded under IRIX?

 Any suggestions would be appreciated.

 Matthew Haas
 Corning/Geneseo, NY

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