[rescue] max memory in an ipc?

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Apr 7 11:37:30 CDT 2004

>> what is the max memory for it?  any spare ram
>> booting around?
>48 Meg (3 banks of 4x 4 Meg 30 pin SIMMs), IIRC.

Hmmm..... we have bags and bags of 30-pin SIMMs around here....(rummage

First pass just in my desk drawer netted two sticks, 1 x 36, 70 ns.
Probably another 10 (more likely about a thousand) downstairs in the junk
room.  Ought I to look for you?  It'll cost you postage....

Wes Will
Computer Shaman and Informatics Thaumaturge

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