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Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Wed Apr 7 11:32:41 CDT 2004

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Peter Wargo wrote:
> Ha!  What you don't realize is that it's the truth... We had a hating
> failure this winter, we ended up turning on a bunch of systems to keep
> The Cave warm.  For reference, a G5 DP, a DS20, an Alpha 2100, an E250,
> and two U2's will keep a 700sq ft room warm... ;-)

It is Forbidden to run my Alpha 2100 during the summer months
unless I get AC, which is a bit problematic where I live now.

Time to Move!  (Yes, I'm working on it.)

Why, oh Why didn't I buy that missile silo when I had the chance?
It was somewhere around 120 acres, with a fenced 40-acre "keep"
in the center with the silo and an airstrip and only 40 miles
or so east of where I work now.  If it were still available for
the $200k asking price from 6 years ago, I'd leap on it and have the
bitchinest data center ever.  Plus you know it already had
heavy duty electric service and bomb-proof facilities.  I bet
I could make all sorts of side cash as a colo, disaster
recovery facility, and secure offsite storage.

Now I'll probably just end up with a house.  *sigh*


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