[rescue] Current collections... plus phone.

James james at jdfogg.com
Wed Apr 7 09:05:38 CDT 2004

Listing from memory...

DEC PDP-11/23 nicely equiped, LA32's, VT100's.
DEC Alphaserver 4100 5/400 dual CPU with attached Storageworks raid cabinet.
DEC VAXstation of some sort, still no time to play with it.
DEC PDP-something, two complete board sets from PDP's that were dumpstered.

Sun SS4-80's (6 of them, all run).
Sun SS5-110's and 170's (4 of them, all run).
Sun Ultra-1-170's a pair, running.
Sun Ultra-2-? no time to check condition, a pair of them.
Sun Ultra-5, new in box, fired up once, don't like IDE when I have a U60 at
my disposal.
Sun Ultra-60 dual 360mhz, 1 gig ram, 2 18gig drives, 21 inch monitor.

VALinux 501 2U rackmounts, dual P3-550's dual 36G SCSI drives (6 of them,
many OS's).
VALinux FullOn 2U rackmount, dual P3-850's, dual 36G SCSI drives (4 of them,
many OS's).
VALinux Startx tower, dual P3-550's, dual 9G SCSI drives.
IBM Thinkpad 600X laptops, 2 of them with lots of accessories
Dell PowerEdge 600SC, 2.8Ghz 40G storage, my main Windows workstation.
Kitbashed assorted junk from dumpster dives made to run, wifes 1.1Ghz XP

Apple MacIntosh SE30's, 5 of them nicely equiped and my favorite classic
Apple ][+, several of them with accessories
Apple ][e, several unknown states
Apple ][c, several unknown states
All 8bit apple stuff is in original boxes with accessories and peripherals
in boxes.

Cisco Catalyst 5000 switch, nicely packed, dual PS.
Cisco Catalyst 2924 switch
Cisco 2600 router, doing nothing, for playing.
Cisco 2500 router, doing nothing, for playing.
Cisco PIX 506E, my firewall, in use.

I have way too much stuff! I didn't realize how "bad" it has gotten till I
did this mental inventory.

BUT, for the last two weeks my rescue efforts have been focused on rescuing
an old phone system that I had several of from parts. The details of the
work can be seen at http://home.jdfogg.com if interested. I know there are
phone geeks here, lets hear from ya!

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