[rescue] Current collections...

Robert Rose rescue at mylighthouse.net
Wed Apr 7 06:46:05 CDT 2004

>> my unused LDPro has just donated
>> it's only CPU to a dual-capable box, so it's got a weekend appointment
>> with the angle grinder.
> Angle grinder?  What are you doing to it with an angle grinder --
> salvaging "non-removable" parts from it,
Actually making it capable of fitting in the rubbish bin, no dumpsters 
around here and even if there were, it doesn't fit in my car as is, so 
I couldn't get it there anyway.

>  or taking revenge for the Compaq merger?  :)
Well I must admit taking to x86 gear with an angle grinder is enjoyable 
to a point[*],  so yeah, it's another motivation to actually dig out 
the cutting discs (I know they got packed somewhere before I moved 
house) and do a thorough job.

Hey Dave, got a good photo of Carly I can print out and stick to the 
box before I start?


[*] I'm actually more annoyed that Compaq took over Digital in the 
first place, but that's a whole 'nother rant.

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