[rescue] Revive an APC Matrix 5000?

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Tue Apr 6 22:51:07 CDT 2004

Steve Hatle wrote:

>Work has a non-functional APC Matrix 5000 that I can "dispose" of as I will.
>It's the head unit plus 1 additional external battery pack.
>It was in use, but then sat unused and unplugged for about a year. Now, when
>you try and fire it up, it can't charge the batteries. It will work in
>bypass mode, but that just makes it a big, heavy power strip. <grin>
>Being the electrical idiot that I am, I'm wondering if giving the batteries
>a trickle charge might revive them enough so that they can be recognized and
>then cycled by the electronics on the Matrix. Or, is it just better to
>source the replacement batteries if I want to get it functional? Anyone have
>a preferred vendor and a ballpark cost on that?
>My evil side wants to bring it home and get it running. My E3000 would like
>it, I'm sure. But it's a slippery slope- I'd have to wire for 220, and once
>I did that, who knows what I might bring home next...
>On the other hand, anyone who wants to make an offer for cash or trade
>goodies, speak up. It's currently located in downtown Minneapolis.
Usually UPS batterys break down when they are not charged in a while. 
Hence the not beeing able
to charge them anymore.

I have a local electronics store (arcade electronics) where I pick up my 
UPS batterys and recycle my
old ones. I revamped an APC 1250 for about $70 (came out of a dumpster) 
and an APC 1400 for $80.
Maybe check your local electronics stores...

-- Thomas

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