[rescue] Current collections...

Martin Marshall martinm at allwest.net
Tue Apr 6 20:27:16 CDT 2004

I might as well jump in too:

Sun U30 with SunPCI2 (main workstation)
Sun SS20 (dual SM71)
Sun SS10 with SunPC
Sun SS10
Sun SS2 (one 2.6, other Linux)
Sun LX and parts machines
Sun IPC's, IPX's
Sun SS370 and extra cards
Assorted Tadpole 3GX's and parts machines
RDI Laptop and parts machine
Tadpole/RDI VoyagerII
Opus SPARCcard 5 in x86 box, with SPARCcard 2 as a spare

IBM 43P-240 and parts machines
IBM 320H and parts machines
IBM Power Series 830 and parts machines
IBM PPC 850, 820 and 800 Laptops
IBM / Tadpole N40 Laptops
IBM 9595
IBM 8580 and parts machine
IBM S/36 6364

Data General AV530 and parts machine
Data General AV550 and parts machine

Digital AS4100 with TRU64 Unix

Assorted x86 boxes and Laptops with Windows, SCO OpenServer, Linux, OpenBSD, etc.

And finally, my Altair 8800, purchased in installments in kit form and assembled 
by me, complete with NS disk, VDM1, PT motherboard, ASR33 with punch and reader, 
Remex tape reader, etc., long ago.  Still runs well.

Martin Marshall

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