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Skeezics Boondoggle skeezics at q7.com
Tue Apr 6 17:04:09 CDT 2004

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Bill Bradford wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 11:31:41AM -0700, Skeezics Boondoggle wrote:
> > PERQ 1A, 1MB, 24MB, portrait, "F"-rev boards, POS F.0 (runs)
> > PERQ 1A, 2MB, 24MB, portrait, "G"-rev boards, POS G.5/Accent S5 (runs)
> > PERQ T2, 2MB, 2x140MB, landscape, "G"-rev boards, POS G.6/Accent S6 (runs)

I have some... they're really scruffy.  Let me see what I can scrounge up, 
and I'll try to post something soon.  I especially need to post some 
detailed shots of the CPU board.  You hardware hacks would be impressed... 
this was something like a 6-layer board, with three traces between pins in 
some places.  The density was astonishing for 1978/79 when they built this 
thing... looking at the I/O board, however, you can see they shot their 
wad on the CPU. :-)

Anyway, I'm hoping now that I'm only half-employed to have some free time 
on my hands, for a while anyway.

> > NetApp F330, 256MB, 8MB NVRAM, 7x4GB, ONTAP 5.3.7R2 (main fileserver)
> > 	(+ two more full shelves need testing, formatting)
> > 2x NetApp F330, scrounged for parts; may get another working box out of em
> > Auspex NS3000, 4x5.25" shelves, 5x 3.5" shelves, 12 SCSI, 12 Ethernet,
> > 	(needs a CPU!  uh, but it "runs" otherwise :-)
> Oh yeah, I've got a 530 with 4x(7x9G) SCSI shelves.  Its just not worth
> running to actually use as storage, though - too much power$/gig.  Cheaper
> to just throw a huge IDE drive in a crap-pc and do regular backups.

There's _zero_ "coolness factor" in that, however. :-)  I admit that it
isn't terribly cost effective to run a filer + disk shelf for 28GB of raw
storage (about 16GB usable, after formatting, spares and the snapshot

I figure it this way:  Other than computers and drums I have no expensive
bad habits.  I don't own a car, so transportation costs me $56/mo for a
bus pass.  My rent is $600/mo - cuz I live in half of a duplex that my mom
owns, and I'll probably end up buying the place this month (we're working
out the mortgage details).  So now I'm thinking "hmmmm, if I move
upstairs, I'll have the entire basement AND the first floor to store

So my only vice is unneccesarily warming the globe by keeping a few old
machines on-line... but to ease my conscience I pay for "green" power,
which adds a penny or so per kwh to the bill.  Old computers _should_ run
on steam, wind, and sunlight. :-)

> > NetApp F760, 1GB, 32MB NVRAM, dual power, GigE (fiber), 2x FC-AL HBA,
> > 	w/6x FC-9 disk shelves, dual power, 28x 36GB FC-AL disk (running)
> We're finally retiring one of these in three weeks, replacing it with a 
> shiny brand-new 940.  Right now, the 760 is our main fileserver.

Oh, *sweet*.  The 900-series kicks serious butt.  And they're *shiny*!  
Gotta post pictures of that one.  The 760 is a nice machine, but the 
beefier I/O in the newer machines is like night & day...

> > Cisco LD-417 load balancer, 6x 10/100 ethernet (running)
> ooh. I want.  can't afford, though. 8-(

Hmmm... $4K?  They were > $7K new, last year... haven't seen one turn up
on Ebay yet.

-- Chris

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