[rescue] Current collections...

Mike Parson mparson at bl.org
Tue Apr 6 15:16:05 CDT 2004

> What's everybody else got right now?  Bill?  Dave? Beuller?

After seeing others' lists, hardly seems worth noting, but here it goes:

Tatung Ultra10 (Axi mb in a Tatung Case) - still needs OS loaded
Ross Hyperstation 30 - Solaris 7
Sun Xterminal-1 - Netboots NetBSD
Sun IPC - Netboots NetBSD
Sun SLC - Netboots NetBSD
Sun IPX - no ram yet, gov't auction piece
Tadpole Sparcbook 3gx - Solaris 2.6/OpenBSD 3.4
HP 9000 715/80 - HP/UX 11.something
DEC VaxServer 3100 - NetBSD 
CeleronII 1.2 Ghz whitebox - RH Linux 7.2
AMD Athlon 1.1 Ghz whitebox - XP Pro 
Celeron 1Ghz mini-PC - Win2k (wife's box)
C= Amiga 3000/030-25 - AmigaDOS 3.1/attempting to load AMIX on it as well
C= Amiga 2000 - stuff that was usable in the 3k was put in it
C= SX 64
C= C-128
boat-load of C= 1541 and 1571 drives for above 64s and 128.
Mac Plus - MacOS 7.1
Apple Newton MessagePad 130 (need to get this on the net some day)
Packard Bell P75 running Smoothwall Linux as my home router.

And at the colo, bl.org is a Celeron 533 running NetBSD.

I think thats it...

Michael Parson
mparson at bl.org

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