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>> What additional info do you need?  My linux box is set up with rarp,
>> bootparmd, tftp, nfs, all configured according to the NetBSD netboot
>> howto, it just works.  I also boot my SLC and IPC off this config as
>> well.
> That information - thanks!

Okie, at the rist of providign real useful information:


>>> The 128 Meg RAM was because I found 4x 32 Meg DIMMs too cheap to
>>> pass up... ;^)
>> For an Xterminal, 128 megs seems a bit excessive. ;)
> Ya think? ;^) Seriously, I had them, and I figured I'd shove them in
> and just "go for it" - if I'm going to run a more current OS, the
> additional RAM will be welcome...

How modern a Solaris do you really want to run on an Xterminal? =)

> Hey, wonder if I could use it as a print server? I already figured
> out that if I plug in an SBUS framebuffer it replaces the on-board
> framebuffer on the XTerminal 1. What SBUS cards can be sanely used on
> an XTerminal 1?

Hrm, Does it have a parallel port on the back?  I've never hooked a
printer directly up to a Sun before.  I'd guess any SBUS cards that work
in an SS4 would work here (how's that for useless info?).

>>> I'd love to run a solaris session on mine - it would make a nice
>>> thin client for my workbench (thinking of putting a teminal on my
>>> workbench with a 15" screen for quick reference web searches, etc.)
>> Solaris should work fine too, just netbooting Solaris off a Linux NFS
>> server tends to take some tweeking, NetBSD just worked.
> All Iwant is a remote login to a solaris box, so that I have a full
> "CDE" environment on the display - like the chooser on my current
> Solaris desktops...

Which I do, just to my linux box, log in, from the shell:

X -once -query gold  # gold is my linux box

It brings up an XDM login.  If I point it at one of my CDE/Solaris
systems, you get the CDE login screen.

> IIRC, there once was "special" software to drive these screens, then
> when the software was pulled, you could still use them with alternate
> software, right?
> This has nothing to do with diskless client support in currnet
> Solaris, does it? That has to do with no local filesystem (other than
> swap/paging area, right), you need a local drive, but the machine does
> not store end-user files or OS, right?)

Dunno about any of the above.

I picked this up off ebay for ~$20 bucks + shipping.  I read up on it
first, Sun said it was a stripped down SS4, so I knew I could run NetBSD
on it, figured I didn't have enough Sun gear, so I got it.  Compared to
some of the others on this list, I clearly still don't have enough Sun
gear. =)

Michael Parson
mparson at bl.org

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