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Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Tue Apr 6 14:42:37 CDT 2004

> From: Mike Parson <mparson at bl.org>
> Date: 2004/04/06 Tue PM 04:01:30 GMT
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> Subject: Re: Re: [rescue] Current collections...
> On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 03:00:15AM +0000, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> >> From: Mike Parson <mparson at bl.org>
> >> Date: 2004/04/05 Mon PM 10:00:10 GMT
> >> To: "Torquil MacCorkle, III" <torquil at chemist.com>, 
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> >> Subject: Re: [rescue] Current collections...
> >
> >> My Xterminal 1 netboots NetBSD (don't have the official Sun load for
> >> it).
> >
> > I'd be interested in any info on that - I've got an XTerminal 1 w 128
> > Meg RAM & VSIMM looking for a purpose in life.
> What additional info do you need?  My linux box is set up
> with rarp, bootparmd, tftp, nfs, all configured according
> to the NetBSD netboot howto, it just works.  I also boot
> my SLC and IPC off this config as well.

That information - thanks!

> > The 128 Meg RAM was because I found 4x 32 Meg DIMMs
> > too cheap to pass up... ;^)
> For an Xterminal, 128 megs seems a bit excessive. ;)

Ya think? ;^) Seriously, I had them, and I figured I'd shove them in and just "go for it" - if I'm going to run a more current OS, the additional RAM will be welcome...

Hey, wonder if I could use it as a print server? I already figured out that if I plug in an SBUS framebuffer it replaces the on-board framebuffer on the XTerminal 1. What SBUS cards can be sanely used on an XTerminal 1?

> > I'd love to run a solaris session on mine - it would
> > make a nice thin client for my workbench (thinking of
> > putting a teminal on my workbench with a 15" screen
> > for quick reference web searches, etc.)
> Solaris should work fine too, just netbooting Solaris
> off a Linux NFS server tends to take some tweeking,
> NetBSD just worked.

ALl Iwant is a remote login to a solaris box, so that I have a full "CDE" environment on the display - like the chooser on my current Solaris desktops...

IIRC, there once was "special" software to drive these screens, then when the software was pulled, you could still use them with alternate software, right?

This has nothing to do with diskless client support in currnet Solaris, does it? That has to do with no local filesystem (other than swap/paging area, right), you need a local drive, but the machine does not store end-user files or OS, right?)

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