[rescue] Current collections...

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Apr 6 13:57:40 CDT 2004

Kevin Loch says ...
> Does anyone else remember the original Compaq TV commercials?
> Two guys are sitting in a diner scribbling on napkins.
> "It has to be versitile."
> "With two disk drives" as he points to the scribbled
> outline on the napkin.

That's pretty close to a documentary, actually.  IIRC, the four guys who
started Compaq took their cocktail napkin doodle, left Texas Instruments,
and started their own company.

Somewhere, I have a Compaq coffee cup with a copy of their first-year sales
graph (0-$110,000,000 in 12 months) and a blurb that said something like
"The largest first-year revenues in history" or some such.


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