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Skeezics Boondoggle skeezics at q7.com
Tue Apr 6 13:31:41 CDT 2004

well, what the heck. :-)

the boondoggle memorial workstation museum currently contains:

PERQ 1A, 1MB, 24MB, portrait, "F"-rev boards, POS F.0 (runs)
PERQ 1A, 2MB, 24MB, portrait, "G"-rev boards, POS G.5/Accent S5 (runs)
PERQ T2, 2MB, 2x140MB, landscape, "G"-rev boards, POS G.6/Accent S6 (runs)
Tektronix 6205 (untested)
Tektronix 6130 (untested)
NeXT Cube w/NeXTdimension, 128MB, 660MB+850MB, NS3.3, color monitor
	died/mono fading (runs)
NeXT Cube w/NeXTdimension, 64MB, 400MB, OD, NS3.3, color monitor died/ 
	mono okay (runs)
NeXT Turbo Color, 128MB, 400MB, NS3.3, 21" color (runs)
Canon object.station 41, 80486DX4, 32MB?, dead disk? (runs)
Dell Precision 210, 2x550Mhz P-III, 128MB, 9GB SCSI, Solaris 7/x86 (running)
Apple iMac G4 15", 800Mhz, 512MB, 30GB?, MacOS X 10.2.8 (my son's :-)
Apple Quadra 840AV prototype, 40Mhz, 32MB?, 500MB, bad monitor? (runs)
Apple PowerMac 7100/66AV (runs)
HP 715, Fore ATM, Parallax graphics, HP-UX 9.03 (runs)
HP 755, Fore ATM, Parallax graphics, HP-UX 9.05 (runs)
DEC Alpha 3000/800, extra SCSI/Ethernets, Ultrix (runs)
SGI Iris Indigo (untested, needs to be cataloged)
Tadpole 3GX, 110Mhz, 32MB, 1GB, Solaris 2.6, battery shot (runs off mains)
Sun SparcClassic, 50Mhz, 96MB, no disk (runs)
Sun SparcClassic, 50Mhz, 72MB, no disk (runs)
Sun SparcClassic, 50Mhz, 48MB, 400MB, SunOS 4.1.1_U1B, 4-port Aurora
	serial card (runs; plan to use as console server)
Sun SparcClassic, 50Mhz, 24MB, 2GB, Solaris 2.5, JTAG card (Cray SSP, runs)
Sun SparcClassic, 50Mhz, 24MB, 500MB, Solaris 2.5, JTAG card (Cray SSP, runs)
Sun SS4, 110Mhz, 128MB, 2GB, Solaris 2.6 (plan to move to NS3.3) (runs)
Sun SS20, 4xHS125, 192MB, 2GB, Solaris 7 (main workstation)
Sun SS20, 4xSM51, 128MB, 2GB, Solaris 7 (firewall)
Sun SS20, 2xSM71, 128MB, 2GB, Solaris 7 (for goofing around)
Sun SS20, SM71, 64MB, 1GB (no OS, need to identify one bad mem slot)
Sun 4/260, 32MB, VME SMD ctrlr, ALM-2 serial, backplane prob (won't boot)
Sun 4/670MP, 4xSM100, 64MB, pile o' disk, VME Prestoserve, 2x SunNet 
	Coproc, extra Sbus SCSI/Ether, SunOS 4.1.3_U1B (runs)
Sun 4/670MP, 2xSM51, 64MB?, multiple disk, Sbus Presto, SunNet Coproc 
	(unused), last booted Solaris 2.5? (runs)
Sun E220R, 2x360Mhz/4MB, 1GB, 2x18GB, Solaris 7 (running)
Sun SC2000, 8x SM41, 192MB, 3x disk trays, no OS (runs, to be upgraded to 
SM61-2s) (offsite)
Sun SC2000E, 12x SM81-2, 2GB, 2x SSA101, Solaris 7 (offsite, runs)
Sun SC2000E, 12x SM81-2, 2GB, 2x SSA101, no OS yet (offsite, runs)
Cray CS6400, 28x SM61-2, 14GB, I/O cab w/7x 6-pos SCSI trays, needs 
	additional power modules (offsite, runs)
Cray CS6400, 19x SM81-2, 3GB, I/O cab w/n 6-pos SCSI trays, 24 Sbus cards,
	needs power plug (untested, but running before shipment) (offsite)

A massive pile of ~35GB of RAM (in 32MB sticks - I think Pete saw the
pictures :-) to fatten up all the SC2k's and Crays :-)


NetApp F330, 256MB, 8MB NVRAM, 7x4GB, ONTAP 5.3.7R2 (main fileserver)
	(+ two more full shelves need testing, formatting)
2x NetApp F330, scrounged for parts; may get another working box out of em
Auspex NS3000, 4x5.25" shelves, 5x 3.5" shelves, 12 SCSI, 12 Ethernet,
	(needs a CPU!  uh, but it "runs" otherwise :-)


Cisco 678 DSL "modem" (running)
ForeRunner 100, 6x 155Mbit ATM (runs, I think?)
ForeRunner 200, 13x 155Mbit ATM, bad /atm partition on disk (boots SunOS, 
	can't init ATM fabric)
3com & HP ethernet hubs

random i/o devices:

DEC VT240 terminal, excellent condition
Tektronix 4107 graphics terminal (one working, one spare)
Televideo 924, in gnarly shape, but it works
Teletype Model 38, beautiful condition, + spare paper tape reader :-)
Zenith ZT-1 terminal w/300baud internal modem (VT-52 compat) :-)
Various printers... NeXT b/w laser, Sun SparcPrinter/E, Apple color inkjet 
	of some forgotten designation, son's Canon inkjet, 2 old Okidata 
	182's, two Canon LBP-CX engines w/video interface (PERQs), 
	Tek 3662 pen plotter
9-track tape drives, qic tape drives, syquest 88mb removable hard drive,
various other random piles of (mostly) 5.25" FH disks, enclosures

holy crap.  i have way more stuff than i thought. :-)

the best thing about this list is that some of you guys have even MORE
stuff than i do, so i can say to my friends who think i'm insane "look!  
i may be utterly mad, but i'm not alone!"

heh heh.  of course, i'm not done!  these are coming soon (free
donations), once it's all decommissioned at $JOB[2]:

SGI Indy, 180Mhz R5000, 64MB?, 1GB, IRIX 5.2 (runs)
NeXTstation, 25Mhz 68040, 32MB?, 400MB?, NS3.2? (runs)
NeXTstation, 25Mhz 68040, 32MB?, 400MB?, NS3.2? (runs)
Sun SC2000E, 12x SM81-2, 2GB, 8MB Prestoserve NVRAM, 3x 6-pos SCSI, 
	multiple Sbus SCSI/Ethernet (still in service)

and these are likely to fall into my hands in about 3-6 months, once it's
decommissioned at $JOB[1] ("severance pay"):

2x Sun U1/200E, 200Mhz, 128MB, 2GB, Solaris 7 (running)
2x Sun U2/2300, 2x300Mhz, 256MB, 4GB, Solaris 7 (running)
2x Dell Poweredge 2450, 600Mhz, 512MB, 2x9GB, Solaris 7 (running)
2x Sun E420R, 4x450Mhz, 4GB, 2x18GB, Solaris 7 (running)
2x nStor GigaRAID 8000 chassis, 8x 18GB UWD SCSI (running)
Sun E220R, 2x450, 1GB, 2x18GB, FC-AL/GigE combo, 2x UWD SCSI, Solaris 7 +
Sun L1000 (ATL P1000) 30-slot DLT jukebox, 2x DLT7000 (running)
NetApp F720, 256MB, 32MB, quad-10/100, 7x36GB FC-AL disk (running)
Cisco 3548/XL switch, 48x 10/100 + 2x GBIC slots (running)
Cisco 3745 router, 256MB, dual power, 2x 10/100, 2x 100bFX, IOS (running)
HP4050N printer (runs)

those would make some fine additions to the collection, and increase my 
overall computing capacity quite handsomely! :-)

and finally, this stuff is for sale, only 'cuz i can't afford to keep it all:

Dell Poweredge 2450, 600Mhz, 256MB, 9GB, Solaris 7 (running)
Dell Poweredge 2450, 600Mhz, 128MB, 9GB, no OS (spare; runs)
Sun E4500, 8x400Mhz/8MB, 8GB, 2x9GB, 4x PS, Sbus GigE, Sol7 (running) +
	Sun A5200, 6x9GB FC-AL (running)
4x Sun E420R, 4x450Mhz/4MB, 2GB, 2x18GB, dual power, PCI hme, Sol7 (running)
4x Sun E420R, 4x450Mhz/4MB, 4GB, 2x18GB, dual power, PCI GigE, Sol7 (running)
NetApp F760, 1GB, 32MB NVRAM, dual power, GigE (fiber), 2x FC-AL HBA,
	w/6x FC-9 disk shelves, dual power, 28x 36GB FC-AL disk (running)
NetApp F820, 1GB, 128MB NVRAM, dual pwr, GigE (fiber), FC-AL (optical),
	w/1x DS-14 disk shelf, dual power, 10x 72GB FC-AL disk (running)
Cisco LD-417 load balancer, 6x 10/100 ethernet (running)
Cisco 3548/XL switch, 48x 10/100 + 2x GBIC slots (running)
Cisco 3508G/XL switch, 8x GBIC slots (7x 1000baseSX + 1 cluster GBIC) (running)

wow.  that was exhausting. :-)  i need a vacation.

-- chris

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