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Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Apr 6 12:20:23 CDT 2004

Steve Sandau writes ...
> Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> >
> > I have the later "AT in a suitcase" Compaq Portable II - 640K
> > RAM, green CGA
> > with special Compaq mode, etc.  The original 10 MB HD died in
> > 1991, and it
> > has a 80 MB SCSI drive now.
> Maybe what I have is not one of the original ones then. I bought it in
> 1987 or so (used). It has a green CGA-compatible monitor, 512K if not
> 640K, and I remember that I had to spend $50 to upgrade the BIOS so it'd
> run DOS 5 later on. It had a 20M "hard card" that I still have. Right
> now it has a 20M MFM drive in it I think. Time to pull it out and see if
> it works.

IIRC, the Compaqs went this way, more or less:

Original:	PC in a box: 8086, some RAM, 2 FH 5.25" floppies, green-scale CGA

Revised:	Ditto, except an HD replaced one of the floppies, i.e. an XT.

II:		Smaller case, '286 CPU, 640K (might be 1 meg), 1 HH 5.25
		floppy, 10 MB pre-IDE (not MFM) HD.  Green-scale CGA.

III:		Lunchbox formfactor, "plasma" amber CGA screen, '286.

III-386:	Ditto except a '386.

III-486:	Ditto except a '486.

The III had an external ISA expansion bay, optional internal modem, and, in
the '486 version, was pretty hot stuff for its day.  More useful than the
laptops of the era.


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