[rescue] So, I'm bringing up my E3000....

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Apr 6 11:44:37 CDT 2004

>>>I can get a console installer OK.  What I want right now is
>>>just a shell to do some checking and testing.  (I tried to
>>>just boot -s, but I seem to be unable to remember the root
>>>password for the machine.)
>>Oh fudge, I get it - you are trying to open a shell *without* booting
>>into the GUI installer... 
>>Argh - I always boot GUI installer, then right-click and open a
>>terminal session, and do what you need to do... But if you are in a
>>console session, I don't know how to open *another* session... 
> Hm.  That's a thought.  Hadn't occurred to me to do that.  (Yes, there
> is a framebuffer installed.)
> And yes, that let me blow away the root password.  Good call.  Now I can
> figure out what's wrong ....   or maybe just blow everything away
> (there's nothing currently on the machine that I need) and reinstall
> from scratch anyway.

I thought the commmand was
boot cdrom -s
to boot off the install/software 1 disk...


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