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Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Apr 6 11:27:19 CDT 2004

Steve Sandau writes ...

> Compaq
> Original Compaq "luggable"

I have the later "AT in a suitcase" Compaq Portable II - 640K RAM, green CGA
with special Compaq mode, etc.  The original 10 MB HD died in 1991, and it
has a 80 MB SCSI drive now.

As a consultant, I made a living with that machine for 3 years.

FWIW, Compaq came around with their prototype machine when I was a PM at
Peachtree Software, circa 1982.  At the time, they had a BIOS that wasn't
completely IBM compatible, and the incompatibility manifested itself in
minor file corruptions in our accounting package.  We used some special
routines to speed up random file access, and they made direct BIOS calls.
In any case, I discovered this, and convinced Compaq to change their BIOS.

Those Compaq luggables were marvels of engineering for their day.


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