[rescue] SCA drives

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Tue Apr 6 10:53:04 CDT 2004

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Phil Stracchino wrote:
> The problem is that if you have an SCA backplane designed for 1" drives,
> and you try to put 1.6" drives in it, the drive casing hits the SCA
> connector for the next slot "up" before the drive's own SCA connector
> seats.

It didn't look like it would hit, but I'll watch more closely next time.
The 4GB Seagate housing up top didn't stick out as far as the SCA
connector at the bottom.

> Do they HAVE to be HP-labelled drives?  Would, for instance, Sun 4G SCA
> drives (usually made by Fujitsu) work?

I assume any SCA drive (that will fit) will work.  It's just that
the drives we're selling off at work (that I can't have anyway)
already have the appropriate carriers.  I have a 1" SCA drive in
my SS4, so I suppose I can yank that one for testing.  The SS4 would
rather have 4GB than 1GB anyway.

> Can't help you there, but are you interested in a Netservr Storage
> System/6 to go with it?  It adds six more hotswap bays and two fixed
> bays, and has dual redundant power supplies.  (Unfortunately, finding
> disk trays to fit it then becomes your problem.)

Thanks, but I already have a matching HP external disk chassis.  I don't
recall the model, but it adds 2 banks of 6 hotswap trays and has the redundant
hotswap power supplies.  I may use it if I need more space than the 6
hot swap bays already in the server.  (Which is likely if I ever
get 1.6" drives to fit.  I want more than 3 drives.)


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