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Eric Dittman dittman at dittman.net
Mon Apr 5 22:23:43 CDT 2004

> Apple PowerMac G4 - 2x 1.25 GHz, 1.25 GB, 2x 23" Cinema Display, Matrox  
> RTMac, M-Audio AP2496, FCAL, 2x Ultra3 SCSI, RAID, FCP4, Common LISP,  
> Virtual PC 5 & 6, OS X 10.3.3, etc.

Do you have the Apple FC HBA?  If so, do you know the OEM for it?  I want to
add a FC HBA to my G4 but I want to avoid having to pay $500 for the Apple
card if I can get by with an OEM model that's cheaper.
Eric Dittman
dittman at dittman.net

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