[rescue] Current collections...

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Mon Apr 5 22:05:10 CDT 2004

Wow, I'll bite. I'm probably going to forget a bunch of stuff. All of  
this is complete and operational, with a couple of noted exceptions.

"Old" systems part of the collection, exclusive of 8-bit micro stuff

Apollo DN300 - 8" floppy, 8" 70MB ANSI X3.101 fixed disk, SR8. I still  
need a keyboard & mouse.
Apollo DN4000 - SCSI, Domain Ring, SR10.3.5
Apollo DN5500 - SCSI, Ethernet, Domain Ring, SR10.4.1

Apple Macintosh SE, Plus, 512k, 128k, HD20... somewhere in there is an  
external 800k Mac floppy drive, with a CRAY property tag on the bottom,  
which I keep as proof of the old saw about Cray and Apple.
Apple Macintosh SE/30 - one of my all-time favorite machines
Apple Macintosh IIci - I think every nerd is supposed to have one of  
these in his closet. Mine has an '040 upgrade that breaks A/UX.
Apple Macintosh Centris 650 - A/UX 3.01
Apple Macintosh Quadra 700 - Avid workstation
Apple PowerMac 8500/180 - Fast ethernet, USB, firewire, Wide SCSI,  
MacOS 9.1. This used to be half of my main workstation.
Apple Network Server 700/200 - Fast ethernet, RAID, AIX
Apple iMac DV - 350 MHz G3, MacOS X 10.3

Convergent NGEN - 8 MHz 80186, CTOS 11.3
Convergent NGEN Series 286 - 8 MHz 80286.
Convergent NGEN Series 386+ - 16 MHz 80386, CTOS 11.5.

Data General Nova - the original 1968 Nova, with 4KW core, two-board  
MSI CPU & Teletype ASR35
Data General AViiON 310CD - DG/UX 5.4R3.00 - recently revived after  
lengthy NVRAM decoding project
Data General AViiON 460H - DG/UX 5.4R3.10

DEC MicroPDP 11/73 - I need an RD53 or RD54 that won't break the bank  
for this one to live again
DEC VAXstation 3100 m38 - VMS 5.5
DEC VAXstation 3100 SPX m76 - VMS 5.5
DEC VAXstation 4000/90 - OpenVMS 7.1
DEC AlphaServer 4100 - 1x 533 MHz EV56, 1.5 GB RAM, lotsa RAID, Digital  
Unix 4.0f. I need more CPUs.

Everex STEPcube - 33 MHz 80486, tiny RAID, lotsa old EISA cards,  
Solaris 2.1 for x86, Windows NT 3.1 March '93 Beta. I lusted after one  
of these in the early '90s.

Gould 9540 - non-SUN-derived 8 MHz MC68000 Multibus CPU, early  
ethernet, and a port of Unisoft V7 called "G*NIX". Kind of a fun little  

HP3000 917LX - the smallest PA-RISC HP3000. Fast ethernet, MPE/iX 55.00

HP9000 310 - MC68010, weakest 300-series. GPIO, HPIB, Ethernet, SRM,  
color graphics, lotsa options, HP Pascal, Workstation BASIC. Would be  
fun to find HP-UX for this guy. I have a couple extra systems, too,  
that I should probably offer to the list eventually.
HP9000 345 - MC68030, HP-UX 9.10. HP's little experiment with  
integrated packaging. I could use some extra RAM for this guy.
HP9000 360 - HP-UX 9.03.
HP9000 380 - MC68040 & the end of the line for the 300-series.
HP9000 720 - 50 MHz PA7000, HP-UX 8.05. First-generation 700-series.
HP9000 715/50 - FDDI, HP-UX 9.05. I used to have NEXTSTEP on this, and  
it ran my internal mail and DNS in tandem with the next machine for a  
long time.
HP9000 715/50 - NEXTSTEP 3.3.
HP9000 715/80 - HCRX-24Z dual-head, HP-UX 10.20. I used to have  
NEXTSTEP on this, too, and it ran my internal web in tandem with the  
next machine for a long time.
HP9000 715/80 - NEXTSTEP 3.3.
HP9000 735/99 - FDDI, HP-UX 10.20
HP9000 735/125 - Fast Ethernet, HP-UX 11.00
HP9000 778/B160 - HP-UX 11.00
HP9000 778/B160 - HP/UX 11.11

IBM AS/400 9406-500 - RAID, inexplicable AS/400 stuff, V4R3.

IBM PC/AT 5170 - apparently used to have an AT/370 installed, before I  
got it; I'm trying to recover the special version of CMS off the  
failing hard drive.
IBM PC Server 320 - 2x 133 MHz Pentium, BeOS R4.5. Used to run NEXTSTEP  
3.3 and be the other half of my main workstation until it flaked out  
and was replaced by...
IBM PC Server 315 - 200 MHz PPro, 320 MB RAM, DPT SmartCache IV, 2x  
Matrox Millennium2 8 MB, NEXTSTEP 3.3. Good stuff.
IBM PC Server 325 - 2x 200 MHz PPro. BeOS R5

IBM PS/2 8550 286 - OS/2 1.0 (gevalt!)
IBM PS/2 8570 386 - OS/2 EE 1.10
IBM PS/2 8580 386 - OS/2 EE 1.20, AIX PS/2 1.20
IBM PS/2 8580 386 - Blue Lightning, 8514/A, OS/2 EE 1.30, AIX PS/2 1.30
IBM PS/2 8590 XP 486 - Microfield T2, SCO ODT 3.0, OS/2 2.1
IBM PS/2 9595 486 - DX50, RAID, 64 MB RAM, XGA-2, 2x DigiBoard/MC, OS/2  
Warp Connect Blue Box. Good stuff.

IBM RS/6000 7013-591 - 77 MHz POWER2, 768 MB RAM, Fast ethernet, SSA  
goodness, AIX
IBM ThinkPad RS/6000 6020-800 - 66 MHz PPC 603 "Woodfield", AIX 4.1.4.  
Pre-GA unit, none of these are supposed to exist outside of IBM.
IBM ThinkPad RS/6000 6042-850 - 100 MHz PPC 603e, 96 MB RAM, 1.2 GB  
SCSI, AIX 4.1.5. A little more liveable than the 800.

NeXTcomputer - 25 MHz 68030, with special unreleased graphics board to  
drive Barco projector for presentations. NEXTSTEP 0.99a, 1.0, 2.1
NeXTcube - 25 MHz 68040. NEXTSTEP 3.3
NeXTstation - Daydream ROM box turns it into an expensive Macintosh.  
NEXTSTEP 3.3, MacOS 7.5.5.

SGI IRIS 1000 - CPU & graphics board engineering samples (SUN-derived).  
Not a complete system, but I really wish it were.
SGI IRIS 3130 - 16 MHz 68020 and a lot of custom silicon. GL2-W3.6.
SGI Power Series IRIS 4D/220 VGX - VideoFramer, GPIB, IRIX 3.3.2
SGI Indigo R4400 Elan - IRIX 6.2
SGI Indy Webforce Studio - 180 MHz R5000, XGE-24, EV1, Phobos G130,  
IRIX 6.5.19f. I still use this with a cruusty old ScanJet 4c & ADF to  
batch scan documents. Yes, I have Photoshop, Illustrator, and  
FrameMaker for it.
SGI Indy - 200 MHz R4400 XZ. IRIX 6.5
SGI Indy - 100 MHz R4000, XL-8, EV1, Cosmo Compress, IRIX 5.3
SGI Indigo2 R4400 - Max Impact, Phobos E100, IRIX 6.5
SGI Indigo2 R10000 - Solid/Max Impact dual  head. IRIX 6.5
SGI Indigo2 R10000 - High Impact, EV1, Phobos G160, IRIX 6.5. I need a  
Galileo breakout box for this guy.
SGI Onyx R10000 RE2 - 4x 195 MHz R10000, 4x RM5, SCIP Mez SCSI, ASO,  
MCO, IPG, VFE, IRIX 6.5.19f. I need bulkhead kits for the ASO & MCO.
SGI Challenge L - 12x 250 MHz R4400, 1 GB RAM, SCIP Mex SCSI, IPG, VFE,  
IRIX 6.5.19f

Sun 2/120 - somebody was supposed to ship me this a million years ago,  
but he's not on this list so... I'm still waiting.
Sun 3/50 - 12 MB, SunOS 3.2
Sun 3/60 - CG4, SunOS 3.5
Sun SPARCstation 1 - GX, SunOS 4.0.3, with Frame property tag. I have  
in a bag the original TI FPU for this guy, too, though the PGA header  
is not 100% mechanically sound anymore. That gives me something like  
0.46% of the total production of this particular item...
Sun SPARCstation 1+ - Solaris 1.0
Sun SPARCstation 1+ - Solaris 2.1
Sun SPARCstation 2 - CG12, Solaris 1.1
Sun SPARCstation 2 - Weitek PowerUP, Solaris 2.3
Sun SPARCstation 2 - Cycle5 -90, Solaris 2.4
Sun SPARCstation 330 - Solaris 1.1.1
Sun SPARCstation 10 - SM51, GX, E&S Freedom 1000, Solaris 1.1.2
Sun SPARCclassic - ZX, Solaris 2.5.1 -- the SPARCclassic is the first  
UNIX system I ever bought with the specific intent to give to a Windows  
nerd for a little exercise in "forced perspective".
Sun SPARCstation 5 - 110 MHz, AFX24, GX, NEXTSTEP 3.3
Sun SPARCserver 20 - 2x SM512, 512 MB, SOCAL, BE, Solaris 2.5.1. This  
is a replica of our "big Sun" at my first off-campus job.
Sun SPARCstation 20 - 2x SM71, 192 MB, 8MB SX, 3x GX, SunSwift, Solaris  
2.5.1 + CDE. This is a replica of the Sun on my desk, at that same job.
Sun SPARCserver 670MP - 2x SM100, 320 MB, FDDI/DX, IPI-2, Rimfire 3200  
SMD, FSBE/S, CG3, Network Coprocessor, Solaris 1.1.1_U1
Sun Ultra 1/170E - Creator, Solaris 2.6, OPENSTEP 1.1 for Solaris.

Symbolics 3600 - Somebody upgraded this to a 3670. Lamentably, I don't  
have the facilities to run this system right now.
Symbolics 3650 - Genera 7.3, 8.1 and a failing CDC Sabre.

Production systems (not making a living with, but essential to various  
ongoing personal projects)

Apple PowerMac G4 - 2x 1.25 GHz, 1.25 GB, 2x 23" Cinema Display, Matrox  
RTMac, M-Audio AP2496, FCAL, 2x Ultra3 SCSI, RAID, FCP4, Common LISP,  
Virtual PC 5 & 6, OS X 10.3.3, etc.
Apple PowerBook G4 15" - 1.25 GHz, backlit keyboard, OS X 10.3.3, ooh  
la la.

Compaq Proliant 5000 - 4x 200 MHz PPro, 1 GB, 2x U/W RAID, Linux from  

DEC Ultimate Workstation 533au2 - 2x 533 MHz EV56, 1GB, RAID, Tru64  
5.0a, Linux from scratch.

IBM AS/400 9046-720 - bighuge, V5R1. Lamentably, I do not have the  
facilities to run this right now.
IBM RS/6000 7012-390 - 66 MHz POWER2, 256 MB, SSA Multi-Initiator,  
ARTIC, Fast ethernet, AIX 4.3.3. DNS, DHCP, LDAP & mail.
IBM RS/6000 7012-3CT - 66 MHz POWER2SC, 512 MB, SSA Multi-Initiator,  
Ultimedia Audio, Fast ethernet, AIX 4.3.3. Other half of above.
IBM RS/6000 7013-J40 - 8x 200 MHz PPC 604e, 2 GB, 2x SSA RAID, 2x Fast  
ethernet, P/390, AIX 4.3.3, OS/390, VSE/ESA. The P/390 still needs LIC  
before it is usable. ):
IBM RS/6000 7046-B50 - 375 MHz PPC604e3, 1 GB, FCAL RAID, 2x Ultra2  
SCSI, AIX 4.3.3. Web server.

SEGA Dreamcast - Linux from scratch.

Sun SPARCstation 5 - 110 MHz, 256 MB, QFE, FDDI/S 5.0, TRI/S, Solaris  
8. Router.
Sun Ultra 1/200E - 2x F/W SCSI RAID, Solaris 8. NAS.
Sun Ultra 2 - 2x 300 MHz, 2 GB, 2x U/W RAID, Solaris 8, Sybase AS/IQ  
12. RDBMS.

i486 VLB clone - Bernoulli 230 MB, Syquest 200C, WfWG, Linux from  
scratch. Media translation.
i486 EISA clone - my old system from the early '90s. Big time nostalgia.

Lexmark Optra C
IBM PagePrinter 3116 (speaks Postscript @ 1200dpi over SNA or ethernet)
Canon i9100 wide-format photo printer

...and then there's all the rest of it. Ugh, I love this stuff, but I  
feel a little out of control lately.


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