[rescue] Current collections...

James Rice jrice54 at vzavenue.net
Mon Apr 5 21:25:34 CDT 2004

>Have you ever run the Daystars with BeOS? I would imagine they would be
>great MP "Be"boxes. They still seem to fetch a good price when they show up
>on eBay, etc.
>An object.station would be fun to have playing along with my Cube and slab.
>I've not been able to find one that9s not either horribly trashed/hacked up,
>or beyond my budget.

I do have the MP800 configured with BeOS R5.03.  It rocks.  Runs rings 
around the dual 133 PPC603's in the BeBox.  They were pricey but the 
freight costs were almost as much as the boxes.  They weigh almost 65 
pounds bare.  Add in a few SCSI drives (a Genesis has 12 internal drive 
bays and two 5.25 external bay), a quad 604 cpu card and they gain some 
serious weight.  I just moved, so this weekend I had to carry everything 
down stairs and load it into the truck.  Twenty two 19-21" monitors 
alone.  My knees are killing me. 

The object.stations are a lot of fun.  I finally got enough original 
Canon keyboard, mice and one Canon monitor for mine. I'm looking for 
another monitor.  The SCSI boards can be problematic, but when they 
finally run, they are sweet.  If you run across any for sale look at the 
mobo battery really carefully.  Both of mine started to leak.  It's the 
standard Varta 3.6v NiCd that a lot of 486 board used.  Just a pain to 
dismantle and replace.


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