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Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Mon Apr 5 19:56:32 CDT 2004

   On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Jochen Kunz wrote:

> VAXen: (MV == MicroVAX, VS == VAXstation)
> MV II (BA23), MV III (BA123), MV3600 (BA213), 2 x MV4000-200 (BA215),
> MV4000-400, MV3100, 2 x MV3100m95, MV3100m80
> about 6 VS 3100 m30 and m38 most GPX, some SPX, one M76 SPX
> VS 2000, VS 4000VLC, VS 4000m60, 2 x VS 4000m90


   OK, what are the "rules of engagement" here?  Is is permissible
to state machines that one has custodial responsibility for or only
ones that are personal property?  If it's the latter, all I can
claim is the stuff listed on my website (see below for the obligatory
URL); if it's the former, then I can plausibly claim a full-blown
DECsystem 1090 (Imagine a machine that fully laid out in an all-up
configuration that needs about 400 square feet of space, almost
30kW of power, and a whole lot of cooling....).


(Watch the line-wrap on that URL.)

> Intergraph 2020, CLIX OS.

   Fun machines.  I sat in front of a 2020 ("Maddog") for a good many
years and have that machine in my collection now.  Mostly, however, I
use an InterServe 2700 for "real" work.

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