[rescue] SCA drives

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Mon Apr 5 19:19:33 CDT 2004

On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 05:27:25PM -0600, Dan Duncan wrote:
> I have a few questions about SCA drives...
> I'm trying to populate the hot swap bays in my
> newly rescued HP Netserver LC2000R... (dual PIII-733MHz)
> For testing purposes I'm not especially concerned with
> obtaining the correct hot swap trays.  I have a few 1.6"
> SCA drives, so I figure I can just fit half as many, right?
> Wrong.  The connector doesn't attempt to reach.  Does
> the SCA connector on 1" drives normally stick out a little
> more, or are the 1.6" drives I have brain dead?

The problem is that if you have an SCA backplane designed for 1" drives,
and you try to put 1.6" drives in it, the drive casing hits the SCA
connector for the next slot "up" before the drive's own SCA connector

>  (They're Seagate
> 4GB, which I would expect to be fairly normal?)  Are there SCA drives
> made to be hotswapped and others that are not?  I'd prefer to use
> 1.6" drives for the long term because there seem to be tons available.
> We're unloading literally boxes of 1" SCA drives in hotswap carriers
> for various vendors, but alas 1) none are HP[0] and 2) we aren't
> allowed to bid on them, period.  They must be sold or scrapped.[1][2]

Do they HAVE to be HP-labelled drives?  Would, for instance, Sun 4G SCA
drives (usually made by Fujitsu) work?

> Secondly, does anyone have any hotswap drive trays that would
> fit an HP Netserver LC2000R?

Can't help you there, but are you interested in a Netservr Storage
System/6 to go with it?  It adds six more hotswap bays and two fixed
bays, and has dual redundant power supplies.  (Unfortunately, finding
disk trays to fit it then becomes your problem.)

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