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Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Mon Apr 5 17:01:01 CDT 2004

On Apr 5, 2004, at 5:55 PM, Gary Nichols wrote:
>>    Speaking of which...I'm looking for any and all Hazeltine 
>> terminals,
>> specifically a 1420 or 1500, and an Esprit.  I'm also looking to pick
>> up an Altos MP/M system along the lines of a 5-15AD or similar.
>> Anybody gots? 8-)
> Oh yeah, I got like 7 Hazeltine terminals and 3 or 4 Esprits.  Shit 
> they
> are growing in my garage like fungus.   *sarcasm*
> Are you nuts Dave?  I haven't seen a Hazeltine in damn near 20 years.  
> I
> think they all died and went to NiftyHeaven[tm].
> Wait, I keep forgetting who I'm talking to. *grin*

   I know they exist somewhere. ;)  Who knows...somebody here might have 
some sitting in their garage, awaiting spring cleaning or something.

   That said, there is also a piece of DEC equipment that I want.  I 
want a PDP-8.  No suffix...a "straight 8".  Scarcer than hens' teeth, 
yes...but I know there are people who have them, maybe even someone on 
this list.  For a straight 8, I offer in trade a functional, bootable, 
networkable Cray YMP-EL98 supercomputer with compilers.  Anyone?


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