[rescue] Current collections...

Steven Hill sjh at waroffice.net
Mon Apr 5 16:53:36 CDT 2004

All runable, most not running pending larger UPS, some rewiring and a new
rack... New rack arrives Wednesday, old rack needs to go, I need to get
the finger out and install a new distribution board for my flat.

Sun E4000, 4*250, 2G, 2*18G disks (will be main compute server)
Sun Netra T1 105, 360MHz, 768M, 2*9G disks (current login box)
Sun Ultra 5, 360MHz, 1G, 1*40G IDE disk (desktop sun)

Sun Sparc 20, 2*SM71, 384M, 2*2G disks (off)
Sun Sparc 20, 1*HS150, 192M, 1*9G disk (off)

Sun Sparc 2, 64M, 2*1G disks (off)
Sun Sparc 1000, 4*SM51, 448M, 2*9G disks (off)
Sun Sparc 4/330, 32M, 1G disk (off)

Acorn Archimedes A440/1, 4M, 1G disk, ethernet and scsi podules (off)

PC - Dell Optiplex GX1, PIII-600, 768M, 2*60G (main desktop pc)
PC - Dual Celeron 500, 512M, 2*20G (linux test box) (off)
PC - Compaq Armada laptop, PIII-600, 512M, 40G disk
PC - NEC AMD K6-2 laptop, 128M, 4G disk (test) (off)

Motorola MEK6800D2 machine code fiddling board (needs new PSU but is

Other things sitting around, 1kVA UPS, runs most stuff apart from the
E4000, and a HP1100 laserjet. Oh, a spiderport and a cisco 2600.

Steven Hill

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