[rescue] Current collections...

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Mon Apr 5 16:45:25 CDT 2004

 Patrick Finnegan says ...

> SGI Indigo2
> SGI Indy... this is the only SGI gear I've got..want more. :)

It's very interesting stuff.  The R10K/195 I^2 is a very usable desktop

> Altos 8000...MP/M box with 8" floppies. :)  has a bad drive I need to
> 	get around to replacing sometime

Those were our main development machines at Peachtree Software before 1981,
when the PCs really started taking over.  I ended up with one, which I kept
until 1997, although the poxy Hazeltine terminals I had all died.  One of
the terminals went out with a bang and a cloud of stink when I switched it
on for a demonstration, circa 1992....

The Altos machines themselves, though, never gave us a minutes hardware
trouble outside the occasional floppy drive.

With MP/M's tiny fotprint, and the miniscule size of CP/M programs, an
A-8000 with 64K and 2 floppies was actually a usable multi-user machine for
its day.


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