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Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Apr 5 16:17:12 CDT 2004

>holy ####, batman!  130 lbs!  if it didn't have handles i don't think
>i could move it!
>that's an evil bargain.  ummm where exactly are you?

heh, a light-weight....my 80-kilo, 2500va ups came by truck freight ($11
plus $75 shipping...) with the 20-bay scsi array (3 power supplies, dual
processors, battery backup unit, all the fans working, for $20, and of
course more shipping...) and the 7-32x cdrom rack ($9 and even more
shipping).  total pallet weight was about 220 kilos

got the ups installed in the rack in the basement last night.  it was an
empty rack, so i padded the ups front, stood it on its face, and flipped
the rack onto it.  clip, clamp, flip upright, and voila!  no hernia.

the rack will be getting the dual xeon 866's with a half-gig of RAMBUS and
3 x 32-gig cheetahs (paid $12 each for those, new in the anti-stat
shrinkwrap)) cpu unit probably this week, if the sca-68 pin adapters arrive.

the whole banana will have cost me under $250 US, shipping and all.  should
do reasonable duty as a web server.

wes will

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