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Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Mon Apr 5 15:45:17 CDT 2004

On Monday 05 April 2004 09:14, nimitz at ns1.nimitzbrood.com wrote:
> So I'm looking around at what I have and sudden;y wondering how my
> collection of old systems compares to every one elses...

What I've got:

IBM S/390 9672-RC4...needs DASD to get it up and running
IBM System/36...has issues, probably needs new drives + OS install.
IBM RS/6000 580...runs AIX just fine
IBM RS/6000 3CT downgraded to a 3BT, 62MHz POWER...not used right now
IBM RS/6000 3CT, 67MHz POWER-2...also not used
IBM RS/6000 43P-140 233MHz...Production Web/mail server
2xIBM RS/6000 42T 83MHz PPC601...Console server + spare
IBM RS/6000 C10 80MHz PPC601, 256MB ram, MCA...not used
IBM RS/6000 F30 233MHz, 192-ish MB ram...Control WS for:
IBM RS/6000 SP 16x200MHz POWER3 nodes, total of 8GB ram, only
	12 nodes are 'usable' at the moment.  needs disks.

Sun SparcCenter 2000E- 1.5GB ram, lots of random processors...works!
Sun SparcStation 5...firewall at home
Sun SparcStation 1,2,IPC,IPX,LX,5,10,20s... must have a pile of Sparc :)
Sun SS20 with dual 90MHz + single 90MHz HyperSparc module
2xSun U1E,C3D 143MHz
Sun U1 143MHz.... these four machines are for 'development'
Sun Ultra 5/360MHz.
Sun Ultra 30 - single 300MHz
Sun Ultra 60 - dual 300MHz, dual Elite3D video
Pinnacle SS10 clone with 2xdual 100MHz HyperSparc modules
Cycle Quad - U2 upgrade/replacement - 450MHz Usparc-II 

SGI Indigo2
SGI Indy... this is the only SGI gear I've got..want more. :)

DEC PDP-11/23...working, in proper enclosure
DEC Professional 380...working with P/OS.  interesting PDP-11
DEC PDP-11/83...working, rackmounted case
DEC PDP-11/83...stuffed in an BA23 that was a (broken) VS3200, works
DEC VAX-11/750...needs storage medium and/or UNIBUS cards
DEC VAVstation 3200...main QBUS VAX
DEC VAXstation 3520...dual processor VAX workstation
DEC VAX 4000/200 / PDP-11/23+...share enclosure for testing QBUS stuff
DEC VAXstation 4000 m60...need to get around to working on it
DEC MicroVAX 3100/90...NetBSD/VAX box for compiling things
DEC 3000/600 - 175MHz 21064, 64MB ram...sitting in office not set up
DEC AlphaStation 500/400MHz 21164A, 256M or 512MB of ram...not set up
Aspen Systems Alpha 21164A-600MHz, 768MB ram, lots o' disk...nfs server

HP Apollo 715/50
HP C110 (upgraded to a C120)
HP Visualize C200, 512MB ram...came with a copy of HP/UX, for fun 		
		learning another UNIX variant

Apple ][e Enhanced.  4MHz 65C02...now, that's some power!!
Apple IIGS
Apple Worgroup Server 80...33MHz 68040, fastest 68k box I have.
Apple Quadra 660,700... sitting "on a shelf"
Apple Mac SE/30...gotta have the compact mac
Apple PowerMac 9600/300MHz...destined to replace NFS server so I can
	use the Alpha for something more meaningful.
Apple PowerMac G3 (beige desktop) 375MHz proc, 256MB ram...my OSX box
PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro 210MHz 604e...undiagnosed problems
Motorola StarMax 3000/200...not sure yet, but potentially interesting

Altos 580...MP/M box, not used for much but fun to play with 	
Altos 8000...MP/M box with 8" floppies. :)  has a bad drive I need to 
	get around to replacing sometime
Televideo TS-816...bad hard drive, bad tape drive...real issues
Osborne 1..."The first portable computer", or so they said.
Osborne Executive...replace the O1's 5" screen with a 9" one.
Several "MBR Products, Inc." generic S-100 bus z80 machines.

Apollo Domain DN3500...Just picked up last week, need to find a keyboard

General Automation SPC-16/40 &/45.  Missing one frontpanel (thrown out 
by Purdue's custodial staff...grrr).  I have docs, but not software.  
They need some work before they could work again anyhow.

I know I have more that I can't think of off the top of my head.  I need 
to spend some time updating my website with new things sometime.

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