[rescue] Current collections...

Geoff Koehler koehler at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 5 14:57:03 CDT 2004

OK, Ill bite too -

Desktops -
SGI indigo2 R10000 SI 256Mb - my main desktop machine
Beige G3 tower 360 MB, 30G disk - my main machine for mail, browsing, etc
2 SGI O2 512 Mb - one is my alternate desktop box
2 SGI indigos - runnable but not running
1 SGI Indy - runnable but not running
1 SGI PI 4D/25 with external SGI "file" SCSI box - runnable but not running
1 SGI Onyx RE, 512Mb, runnable but not running
1 sparc 10
3 sparc 20's - one currently running NS3.3 just for fun (I really like that OS, but alas, Im just playing with it at the moment)
various and sundry PC's (3-4) running linux - one development machine for data aquisiton, the rest - spares.
PowerPC 7600 - wifes machine.
SGI Indigo2 extreme - runnable but not running.

Servers -
Digital 2100A, 512MB, 4 CPU, RAID, currently awaiting the arrival of True64 non-commercial - I need another 512 MB mem board for this one - anyone ??
Digital Prioris 5166/ZX, dual CPU, 256 Mem, 45 Gb RAID - runs solaris :) currently my main server, but will be replaced by above

Big Iron - 
SGI Challenge XL, 32xR10000, 8GB mem, various disks - main machine for numerical stuff, but can only run it in the winter (can open window for natural air conditioning)

SGI 4D/480S, 256MB - runs in summer to do development for the XL, so the XL can crunch data in the winter.
SGI 4D/380VGX, 256MB - runnable but not running.
Stardent titan 3000 - 2 CPU 64MB, runnable but not running

+ boxes of parts for SGI power-series, etc.

Cheers, Geoff

Geoff Koehler
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Home of the SART Observatory

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