[rescue] Current collections...

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Mon Apr 5 12:58:55 CDT 2004

On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 11:05:35AM -0400, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> > I have:
> [snip long and ecclectic list of goodies]
> > What's everybody else got right now?  Bill?  Dave? Beuller?
> I'm probably nearer the list average, in that I have a much more modest

I don't know how close I would be to average or not.

In my apartment I have:
Octane (main workstation)
dual P2-350 (running debian)
SS20 (solaris, doing CVS and some NFS)
U1 (solaris, routes between 3 subnets, including FDDI, and the internet
    over dialup)
Celeron (RH9, NFS storage)
Digital FDDI concentrator
generic 10megbit hub, and a linksys fastE switch/cable router (but no
cable service)

U1 (not working, has an internal SCSI problem, spare parts are on the
    way to try swapping parts around to see if I can locate the issue.
SSClassic (also has SCSI problems.  I think the onboard SCSI is dead,
           haven't managed to locate the sbus fast scsi2 card I know I
	   have somewhere)
Indy (been screwed twice trying to buy 13w3<->vga adapters for this on
      ebay, and I have virtually no use for it in a headless state).
HP 712/80 (briefly tried to put Nextstep on it, and haven't been able to
           get around to doing anything with it since).

I have a colocated U5.

In storage I have:
SparcStation 2.  It is unknown if it works, 
Quadra 840av (Was working before I put it in storage)
Powermac 8100 (would work with a small disk, but couldn't convince it to
	       accept a ST15150N, so I stuck it in storage when the
	       Octane arrived to make space)
Some IBM PPC machine
Some FDDI concentrator (Unknown if it works.  Powers up, but definately
                        has some external damage).
3Com Lanplex 2500 (makes the Octane sound quiet)
Probably other stuff I've forgotten.

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