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Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Mon Apr 5 13:05:59 CDT 2004

On Apr 5, 2004, at 10:14 AM, nimitz at ns1.nimitzbrood.com wrote:
> So I'm looking around at what I have and sudden;y wondering how my
> collection of old systems compares to every one elses...

   Well, since I don't know where you draw the line for "old", here's my  
list of old & not-so-old.


old systems considered part of the "collection" for preservation and  
Cray YMP-EL92 (runnable, might be 24x7 soon)
Cray YMP-EL94 (runnable)
Cray YMP-EL98 (two, one runnable)

DEC PDP-8e (three, two runnable)
DEC PDP-8m (runnable)
DEC PDP-11/03 (many, some runnable)
DEC PDP-11/04 (two, one runnable)
DEC PDP-11/05 (not runnable)
DEC PDP-11/23 (many, some runnable)
DEC PDP-11/24 (not runnable)
DEC PDP-11/34a (two, one runnable)
DEC PDP-11/53 (two, runnable)
DEC PDP-11/70 (runnable)
DEC PDP-11/73 (many, some runnable)
DEC VT180 Robin (not running...need floppy drives & boot disk)
DEC MicroVAX-II (several in various states)
DEC MicroVAX-2000 (three, in various states)
DEC MicroVAX-3 (several in various states)
DEC MicroVAX/VAXstation 3100 (countless, in various states)
DEC MicroVAX-3100/80
DEC VAXstation4000-VLC
DEC VAXstation4000-60 (runnable)
DEC VAXstation4000-90 (two, runnable)
DEC VAX4000-300 (two, runnable)
DEC VAX4000-400 (runnable)
DEC VAX4000-500 (runnable)
DEC VAX4000-600 (runnable)
DEC VAX4000-700a (runnable, soon to be 24x7)
DEC VAX6000-430 (not runnable)
DEC VAX7000-640 (runnable, might be 24x7 soon)
DEC VAX7000-630 (runnable)
DEC VAX8250 (not runnable)
TONS AND TONS of VAX & PDP parts...enough to build dozens of systems
one or two older Alpha 3000-series machines
several DECstation-2100/3100/5000 machines, in various states
many others...been into DEC for a LONG time

IBM RT (tower chassis, runnable)
IBM RT (desktop chassis, runnable)
several RS/6000s of various models...a 99K, a 350, etc
IMSAI 8080 (runnable)
TRS-80 models I and 4, CoCo2 (model I hasn't arrived yet...recent  

several Sun 2/170 board sets (no chassis anymore, sigh)
more Sun3/Sun4 VME boards than I can count...probably 150 or so
a handful of SS1/1+/2/IPC/IPX/LX/Classic systems
a couple of SS5/10/20 systems (one SS20 running in production)

Lots of single-board computers, processor eval & development boards for:
   - Am2901
   - 8080
   - 8085
   - Z80
   - 6800
   - 6502
   - T11 (soon, thanks to Eric Dittman!)

   ...and countless, endless others.  I've been into this for a long  
time, and
unlike many people, I don't have some inexplicable drive to "not own
anything". :)


Production systems
(how I make a living)
17" PowerBook w/23" cinema display (main desktop machine, in office)
Sun Ultra60 (2x 360MHz/4MB, 0.75GB), secondary workstation, for CAD, in  
AlphaStation 500 (firewall)
AlphaServer 4100 (file server)
the aforementioned Sun SS20 (virtual hosting server)
Sun E3500 (4x 400MHz/4MB, 1GB, development machine)
Sun Netra T1-105 (mail server)
Sun Netra T1-105 (virtual hosting server)
Sun Netra X1 (network monitoring system)
Sun Netra X1 (offsite backup)

Non-production systems
(not so old as to be "collectible",
but not involved in money making)
Cray J916 8/128 (runnable)
Cray J916 4/128 (not yet runnable)
SGI Origin 200 (4x R12K/270, 1GB RAM, runnable)
SGI Origin 2000 (16x R10K/195, 4GB RAM, runnable, soon to be 24x7)
Ultra60 (soon to be shell server)
RS/6000 model 397

   I've probably left out a whole shitload of stuff...this is just what
comes to mind at the moment.

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