[rescue] Current collections...

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Mon Apr 5 12:35:20 CDT 2004

> What's everybody else got right now?  Bill?  Dave? Beuller?


Athlon XP1800+, Linux, my main workstation
Athlon XP1700+, Win2K, gamebox
Athlon 1200, Win2K, 8yo daughter's mostly-gamebox
PII-400, Win2K, wife's gamebox
K6-III/450, Linux, wife's main machine
Sun U30, 250MHz, with USCSI 711 multipack, NFS server
Sun E3000, 6x336MHz, currently not in use due to cooling/power budget
Sun U1/170E, former NFS server, not currently in use
2x Sun Sparcstation 1 (iirc), one sans case top, not in use
Sparc LX, OpenBSD3.3, tasked for ppp/firewall, not in use at the moment
    because NAT isn't playing nice
Sparc LX, formerly used as X terminal, not currently in use
Sparc Classic, formerly used as X terminal, not currently in use
Power Mac 7300 with Sonnet G3/300 card, 3yo daughter's gamebox
Mac Centris 650 w/Rocket 50MHz card, not currently in use
Mac Quadra 650, not currently in use
Mac LCII, not in use
Mac Classic, not in use
HP StorageSystem 6 array, not in use, unlikely to go into use because I
    can't get my hands on disk trays for it, free to good home
a handful of assorted legacy 386/486/Pentium boards, none in use

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