[rescue] Spring clean...

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Mon Apr 5 12:20:30 CDT 2004

HP Netserver Dual PPRo. 2 * 200Mhz ppro. 6 Drive bays. 5 * 4gb drives. 
Mylex raid card.
$20 or best offer.

EMC Disk Array with 16 * 4gb drives. 4 * Power Supplys. 2 * Processor cards.
Long SCSI cables and terminator/bridge connectors.
Boots up and then complains about an termination error.
I guess this is due to the lack of hooked up SCSI card. Rest of the 
bootup works great.
Will be available in about 3 weeks.
Pickup prefered but if anybody wants me to take this apart and ship it. 
This will be pricy as this sucker is heavy. About 8U high and rackmountable.
Make me an offer for this.

Sun AXI Clone. This is the cycle box that you can slide into a sparc20 
and then you have a 360mhz sparc20. It comes in it's own case.
512MB Ram, PXE32 Video, 2 * 9gb Drives.
$100 + shipping or best offer. If local pickup you can also grab a 20" 
Sun monitor
and a keyboard.

HP 10mbit AdvanStack Hub. Free

SCSI Disk Drawers. New sealed. Have 50pin connector. Complete with key.
I have about 30 available of these.
$5/piece + shipping. Discount on quantity.

If I have to ship this stuff you will have to pay for the packing charges.
I do shipping with the UPS store.

Hit me up private.

-- Thomas

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