[rescue] Current collections...

Torquil MacCorkle, III torquil at chemist.com
Mon Apr 5 10:06:29 CDT 2004

1 - Sparcstation 10 with 128mb of RAM, 2x1gb hard drives, NetBSD (mail
1 - Alphastation 200 4/166 128mb of RAM, CD, 4.3gb disk, NetBSD
1 - Sparc Xterminal 1 (SS4 apparently)  unused currently
1 - Dual P3 750, application server, install server, NetBSD
1 - IBM Workpad z50, NetBSD-hpcmips on PCMCIA hard drive, mini laptop I can
'almost afford to lose'
1 - IBM Thinkpad 380xd, 233mhz, no OS yet
1 - Athlon 1.33ghz, Windows, games
1 - PowerMac 7100/66av, was hoping I could get it a G3 card and run OS X,
but since I can't, probably will be gutted
1 - Celeron 433, former Squid/DNS server until Alphastation arrived courtesy
of our own Lionel Peterson
1 - SGI Indigo, 2gb & 3gb drives, DDS2, primary purpose in life is using its
DAT drive (broken, needs new CPU board)
1 - DECstation 5000/133 - never worked, probably dumpster bound
unfortunately :(
1 - SGI Indigo 2, 384mb of RAM, Max Impact, future primary desktop (in
1 - Sparc IPC - 1gb hard drive, bad NVRAM (working on adding an external
1 - Sparc IPX - 2gb hard drive, bad NVRAM (new one ordered) (possibly adding
more IPXen soon)
1 - MicroVAX 3100, future print server, (in transit)
1 - Sun Ultra 1, 2x19.2gb hard drives, Creator graphics, 512mb of RAM,
Solaris 9, fileserver, secondary desktop(in transit, stole for $35)
1 - Alpha Multia 166mhz, 40mb of RAM, router/dialup gateway (in transit)
1 - Canon BJC-3000 Bubblejet printer, piece of crap that can not have more
than one page queued to it at a time (note to self, get Laserwriter)
1 - Netgear 24port 10/100 fast ethernet switch

So as you can see, most of my stuff either doesn't work or isn't actually
mine yet. ;)

Torquil MacCorkle, III
Lexington, Virginia

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