[rescue] 9-track tapes

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sun Apr 4 22:15:41 CDT 2004

Since some of you folks have emailed me asking about the 11/03s, I
thought I'd mention other stuff I have kicking around.  I have...well,
more 9 track tapes than I'll ever use, most of which are certified to
6250, a good number of which have write-enable rings, and all of which
have been bulk-erased.

Every one of these tapes that I've tried to write to has been good, but
I haven't tested all of them.

If anyone needs one, I'll part with the 10" reels for $5 per, with a
write-enble ring and $3/per for 7" reels.  If you need more than one, I'll
consider selling them for less, if you'll consider taking a couple of
tapes without write-enable rings.

I'm pretty sure most of the 10" reels have 2400 feet of tape, but I have
no how much tape are on the 7" reels.

The brands are assorted:  IBM, DEC, Scotch, Magtec.  If you want a
specific brand, I reserve the right to charge you an extra buck per reel
for sifting through them all. :)

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