[rescue] New acquisition... (AIX)

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Fri Apr 2 12:26:25 CST 2004

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 07:15:25PM +0100, meltie wrote:
> On Friday 02 April 2004 18:54, Joshua Boyd wrote:
> > It's like the old saying.  Unix is the second worst operating system
> > there is.  Everything else is tied for the worst (please don't take
> > offense VMS, OS/400, and zOS fans).  Maybe all the unix alikes are tied
> > for second on the basic of not having the same strengths and weekness.
> > Whatever.  It all kinda sucks.
> Hell yes - I deflect my girlfriend's complaints when she wants to use my 
> computer with "well yeah, Linux sucks. But Windows sucks a tiny bit more."

I'm attempting to teach my wife to use Irix.

I wish I could afford to just buy her a modest Mac OS X notebook.

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