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Fri Apr 2 11:33:02 CST 2004

> There are several ingenious tools for removing oil filters. One is a cap
> that slips over the end of the filter and has a socket drive. Use a long
> drive extention and you can change your oil without reaching in. Any good
> parts store or Sears will have a selection.

Depends on how tight the oil filter is jammed on there.  My wife's '94
Shadow just got an oil change a couple of weeks ago and I almost
demolished the filter getting it off because somebody had cranked it
down to death and it collapsed when I tried to use the filter wrench on
it.  I suppose and end-cap wrench would have been better but it was
still a pain.  I spent $20 on large channel-locks to get that filter off
there.  But then of course I now have a nice pair of nasty sized
channel-locks...  ;-)

> Of course, the part I hate about stupid filter locations is the oil spewed
> all over the engine bay. My Suzuki V6 does that and it stinks for a few days
> afterward.

Castrol Superclean.  As long as you cover the distributor cap and intake
you can spray a little of that on there and hose it off without a

Mike Hebel

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