[rescue] Oh no! This poor Origin server.....

James james at jdfogg.com
Fri Apr 2 11:45:46 CST 2004

   Ugh, that reminds me: I have to change the oil in my minivan this
> weekend. [Don't laugh: I love that beast.] While I could pay the chimps
> at the dealership $too_much+1 to do it, I'll do it myself. However, I
> often wish I could have their specialized tools. I mean, considering how
> close to that one hot manifold-thing I have to lay the inside of my
> wrist to loosen the oil filter, I assume they _must_ have some secret
> tools or techniques to avoid flaying & cauterizing their tendons.
>    And I guess I assume the same thing of other people I pay to take
> care of my stuff: you better have a few tricks up your sleeve to ensure
> a job well done -- better and faster and cheaper than I can do it -- or
> I'll do it my own damn self.

There are several ingenious tools for removing oil filters. One is a cap
that slips over the end of the filter and has a socket drive. Use a long
drive extention and you can change your oil without reaching in. Any good
parts store or Sears will have a selection.

Of course, the part I hate about stupid filter locations is the oil spewed
all over the engine bay. My Suzuki V6 does that and it stinks for a few days

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