[rescue] Oh no! This poor Origin server.....

James james at jdfogg.com
Fri Apr 2 10:21:36 CST 2004

> Now I love Linux (actually it's Debian I love and that implies Linux) and
> every one of my machines that is capable of running Debian has it
> installed
> (if not necessarily as its full-time OS), but I've got no love for x86 kit
> and I admire anybody who's got the patience to beat Solaris into
> submission
> and isn't scared to put it anywhere near the Internet.

Any system needs some hardening to go near the Internet. The thing with
Solaris and Linux is that there's no surprises. With Windows its a new
problem every week and the hackerchimps are always ahead of you.

In my last job I had 20 Sun E450's and E220's facing the Internet naked. No
firewall. And we were a very popular site (800 million hits/day) and we had
a steady stream of hack traffic. In 5 years we were never compromised. When
Microsoft announced they were buying us the hack traffic became very
sophisticated and we still weathered the storm. We also had 30 Debian Linux
servers facing the Internet naked and had no problems.

I never had to do much to make Solaris suitable for naked internetness. All
the docs needed are readily available. The handfull of Windows systems we
had facing the Internet were a nightmare.

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