[rescue] Oh no! This poor Origin server.....

Björn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Fri Apr 2 02:47:07 CST 2004

Dave McGuire wrote:

>   "Support costs".  So you pay a clueless vendor drone to have someone 
> to yell at instead of hiring a competent technical staff and paying them 
> enough to keep them around.

Hey, we pay our support contracts with, say, HP so I can YELL at a 
person to "go fix our gear - now" and they show up and fix their stuff 
they have built for us to use.
Support contracts for software is bloated though...

But then again, paying a license (say, Oracle) to enable you to legally 
USE their software is one thing. Paying extra money just in support 
contracts for that piece of software is another.
Sometimes we would have been smoked if we haven't had that support 
contract with Oracle, when things went REALLY out of hand. Quick answers 
from someone with DEEP inside knowledge of particular stuff can be worth 
it, in my book. Especially when you loose thousands of dollar by the 
hour when people can't work...


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