[rescue] New acquisition... (AIX)

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Thu Apr 1 19:21:17 CST 2004

On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 10:08:47PM +0000, Mike Meredith wrote:
> My quarrel with MS is simply that they lock users into their
> applications with proprietry file formats and interfaces, which makes
> document transfer to sensible systems (i.e. what I have on the desktop)
> more difficult.

That, and the fact that creeping featuritis wins out over both security
and stability every time.  And their intentional "pollution", in their
own words -- oops, I mean "extension" of standards.  And their predatory
steal-and-crush approach to any company that comes up with a software
idea they like.  And their anti-competitive marketing practices.  And
... well, you get the idea.

> When suits have queried my use of Linux in the past, I've shrugged and
> said 'it's pretty much Unix'. And if a suit wondered what Unix was, I'd
> explain in simple terms would get across the message 'if you don't know
> what Unix is, you shouldn't be making IT decisions'.

I like that approach.  I've used the first half of it myself, though my
version of the second half has been more or less "Well, basically Unix
is what the entire Internet started on and what most of it still runs on
today."  Granted, it's not strictly technically accurate, but if I start
talking about MVS and RT/OS and MULTICS, eyes that I have to convince
are gonna start crossing fast.  And as you pointed out, "if you have to
ask what Unix is...."

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