[rescue] Good source for Rambus?

Francois Dion fdion at atriumwindows.com
Thu Apr 1 15:05:32 CST 2004

Dave McGuire wrote:

>     I have very little patience for this crap, man, especially as achy 
> as I am today. 

> Perhaps your "mobo techno" should be something a little more modern, 
> like maybe an UltraSPARC, PPC, or POWER-based system.  Just a suggestion.

Obviously my emails seems to have rubbed you the wrong way and I'm not 
sure why. I have a great deal of respect for you and I hope you dont 
misunderstand my comments. I'm not poking fun at you. Just trying to 
figure out why it's always the type of memory I need that is the most 
expensive... Murphy's law at work.

I was surprised that if truely Rambus has been abandonned by everybody 
and perceived to be such a bad technology, prices should tank, since 
there are a lot of them out there already manufactured and not too many 
people to buy them, possibly. Well that was the theory. There has to be 
a lot more motherboards out there than I tought and more people upgrading.

Maybe I'm just being too much of a scrooge, but I tought that $100 for 
256MB was a bit high. I did eventually find $86 + shipping, which is 
still close to $100. That's $200 for 512MB. In 2004. The same I paid 3 
years ago.


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