[rescue] Good source for Rambus?

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Thu Apr 1 14:17:38 CST 2004

On Apr 1, 2004, at 3:08 PM, Francois Dion wrote:
>>> Beside the politics, particularly in 2000 (I just realised that I've 
>>> had this machine for over 3 years, not 2), why do you say everyone 
>>> realized that it was a bad idea?
>>   Because everyone abandoned it.
> Everybody has abandonned *(pick any computer we are running in our 
> basements or in your case your garage yet were great designs)*

   Uhhh, what?  What has been abandoned in my garage, the SGI Origin 
systems which you can still buy?  Or perhaps the UltraSPARCs?  The 
Ciscos?  The Cray PVP machines, which despite peoples' tiresome 
predictions of "imminent death of Cray" over the past fifteen years, 
they still keep selling?

   Even taking my PDP-11/70 as an example...even it hasn't been 
"abandoned".  You can pick up the phone and buy a brand-new PDP-11 even 

   The VAX is really the only thing I can think of.  But since I know 
plenty of people who are making good money with them today, I'd hardly 
consider them "abandoned" either...what some sleazy salesdroid does or 
doesn't want to sell me today is really quite irrelevant.

>>   I don't know what the actual production volumes are, but I'd wager 
>> RAMBUS memory is manufactured at a rate probably one-thousandth that 
>> of DDR or PC133 (or whatever the PeeCee memory-of-the-week is) 
>> modules.
> Windows outsells Unix, therefore Windows is better and Unix is a bad 
> idea?
> :)

   I have very little patience for this crap, man, especially as achy as 
I am today.

   The point I was trying to illustrate was the fact that high mass 
production volumes are what make prices drop.  RAMBUS memory isn't 
produced in anywhere near the same volume as other memory interfaces, 
so its price hasn't come down as far.

> At any rate, I need to bring my machine up to 1GB to run Oracle 10G 
> (altough you can get it to install/run on 768MB), which should be 
> available for Solaris x86 this month. I dont want to replace the mobo 
> to use DDR, so I'm trying to buy for a reasonable cost or trade a pair 
> of 256MB. Next mobo I get will run an Opteron and whatever ram techno 
> is best suited.

   Perhaps your "mobo techno" should be something a little more modern, 
like maybe an UltraSPARC, PPC, or POWER-based system.  Just a 


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