[rescue] Good source for Rambus?

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Thu Apr 1 11:10:37 CST 2004

On Apr 1, 2004, at 11:57 AM, Francois Dion wrote:
> Beside the politics, particularly in 2000 (I just realised that I've 
> had this machine for over 3 years, not 2), why do you say everyone 
> realized that it was a bad idea?

   Because everyone abandoned it.

> They are plenty common, all the local shops have them (and I'm not in 
> a big city), but they are too expensive. I can get some from ebay for 
> a good price, but that is just too scary.

   Yeah?  Well, I can go out and buy a Ferrari.  That doesn't mean 
they're common.

   I don't know what the actual production volumes are, but I'd wager 
RAMBUS memory is manufactured at a rate probably one-thousandth that of 
DDR or PC133 (or whatever the PeeCee memory-of-the-week is) modules.


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