[rescue] source for cheap U5 memory/disk bracket

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Thu Apr 1 10:50:35 CST 2004

Lionel Peterson <lionel4287 at verizon.net> wrote:
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>> Date: 2004/04/01 Thu PM 12:39:02 GMT
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>> Subject: Re: [rescue] source for cheap U5 memory/disk bracket
> Time to move? ;^)

I am, but it's to semi-rural Warwickshire. At least it puts me closer to
Leicester (which seems to have more second-hand Sun dealers than a Midlands
town has a right to) than Leeds.

> Actually, U30 RAM isn't that expensive here in the US, and by extension
> shipped to the UK it shouldn't be *that* expensive.

I get twitchy about buying stuff from outside the UK unless it's insured by
my credit card. That means no PayPal, the favourite of fraudsters

> For example, 32 Meg DIMMs are about $3-5/each, 64 Meg DIMMs are about
> $10-13/each (typically $50 for set of four), and denser memory gets
> pricey...

I'm not having much luck finding current prices. www.crucial.co.uk is
"temporarily closed from 21:00, Wednesday, 31 March 2004 for 8 hours for
maintenance". So it's 12 hours overdue to come back up. Rapid Technology
took an age to find on Google, and the website is currently being
"revamped". Nothing likely is showing up on eBay UK.

> I recently bought an Ultra 2 (that I didn't need), to get 2x 400 MHz CPUs,
> 2 Gig of 16x 128 Meg DIMMs and two somewhat higher-density HDs (a 9 and an
> 18 gig HD) for a good price...


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