[rescue] source for cheap U5 memory/disk bracket

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Thu Apr 1 06:13:22 CST 2004

Walter Belgers <walter+rescue at belgers.com> wrote:
> I just got a Sun Ultra 5. My only Sun capable of running Solaris 10.. if
> it had any memory and a harddisk. Does anybody know a source of cheap U5
> memory? Doesn't need to be much, I just want to get the thing running.
> Epay?

Isn't a U5 basically just a PC with a SPARC processor? I'd just wander down
to the local x86 boxshifter to see if they've got any "small" and "old" IDE
disks and PC133 memory.

I've got a pile of suitable parts here, but postage would probably be more
than they're worth (no chance of cheap ParcelFarce 72 here). And I'm trying
to get shot of Dutch money, not gain more :)

> Also, a harddisk bracket is missing, if anybody has a spare.. (but
> otherwise I'll think of something. Ducktape ;-)

I had a colo box that was entirely cable ties for screws, rolled up
envelopes for spacers, and gaffer tape for the case.

When you have a thermic lance, everything looks like hours of fun.
			- Christian Wagner <cwagner at io.com> in the Monastery

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