[rescue] OT: FeeCee rescue

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Sep 30 17:48:01 CDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 18:34, Andrew Weiss wrote:
> On Tuesday, September 30, 2003, at 03:27  PM, Derek Andersen wrote:
> > Just out of curiosity, why is a G3 (presumably running OS X) 
> > 'acceptable' while (say) an x86 laptop running Linux (or Solaris x86, 
> > or whatever) not? Is it just the CPU?
> >
> > (Certainly most of the *rest* of the parts are the same sorts of 
> > things you'd find in a commodity PC...I *like* Apple's stuff, but 
> > they're still (aesthetically pleasing) commodity hardware.)
> >

This will be my last post on this topic... as hardware architecture can
get to be just as much of a religious war operating systmes (or even
real religion :-) )....

> FeeCees are not unacceptable... they are just not INTERESTING in the 
> slightest... except maybe:

the DEL key (or whatever key you use) is there....

> 1. Sunx86i

definately different... I own 4 of them (386i/150 2 x 386i/250, 486i).

> 2. PS/2's with strange or unusual cards

not so interesting for me.... but I know they are for others...

> 3. Rare prototypes of things that would have taken x86 in a better 
> direction or lead to its death by something in the next genetic 
> evolutionary step

probably interesting, but I can't think of an example off the top of my

> 4. a short mention of an absolutely free rescue of a system that should 
> have cost money... but without swooning about how cool it is. (cuz it's 
> not)

coolness is in the eye of the rescuer ....


I think a certain amount of credit is due in advancing a system to
today's levels while maintaining backward compatability.  Do I think
that that is the right (or best) approach... not necessarily.... but
given the original limits of the IBM PC and how 'compatable' todays
PCs are to that original design/API/etc ... is pretty good.  Sure... it
has led to design concessions in modernizing the hardware... but that is
what was decided they would do.

I'm sure that that choice led to easier upgrades at points in PC
evolution for users.... at the cost of a better cleaner architecture.

I really like the bang for the buck you can get out of a PC... but my
main system is a Sun Ultra 60 that I bought from Sun when they were
doing auctions on eBay.  I use the PC at most an hour a week on average
but that will spike when I get into a game playing phase....

This rescue list is going to attract all types... from the rescuer that
doesn't want to see a single PC related post to those that would want
to discuss them much more.... I don't see the list out of balance, so
I don't get what all the complaining is about....

Don't like it... hit 'DEL'...  if the thread goes on too far too long,
then if it isn't on topic.... ask it go to 'geeks'...


> So...inserting nifty weebl quote <weebl>I hold you indirectly 
> responsible....(bob: why?)...Because...err...ummm.... and that's why... 
> don't do it again *wanker*</weebl>
> Seriously, it's not a crime to use x86's VERY occasionally... but when 
> you can get better and if you can get better you are obligated to 
> insert it as quickly as possible :-) <nod to Dave>
> and I don't believe x86en are a REAL anything...server, workstation, 
> embedded device (ouch)....etc.

I don't share the opinion, however I respect you have your own opinion.

> I call my x86 game box... Wintendo.

and with your opinion, you still have a PC :-) ... must do something
you need or want ;-)

> Andrew
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-- Curt

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