[rescue] OT: FeeCee rescue

Derek Andersen deanders at pcisys.net
Tue Sep 30 15:21:47 CDT 2003

Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, Derek Andersen wrote:
>>interest in that until recently (i.e., OS X). I'm slowly moving towards
>>doing all of my 'real work' on non-x86 platforms, but I doubt that I'll
>>ever be able to abandon the platform entirely.
> You'd be surprised.  I've only fired up Wintendo at home for anything
> other than Unreal Tournament since I broke the hinges on my Powerbook.
> I spent all my day in either IRIX, Solaris, OpenBSD, or Mac OS X.  Oh,
> and at work, I spend all day in AIX.

The main things I use Windows for are gaming and media playback (music, 
DVDs, etc.); I can see doing the latter under, say, OS X, but it's 
doubtful that I'll ever abandon Windows for gaming.

> With teTeX, a compiler suite, a good text editor, Mozilla, and a good
> email program, there's very little you can't do under Unix that you can
> do under Windows.  And pretty much all that is covered by Mac OS X.

I actually do all of those things under Linux. :)

(Mozilla for web browsing/mail, Xemacs for text editing (and as an IDE, 
sort of), and LyX for TeX stuff.)

Transitioning to another Unix (or Unix-like) operating system won't be 
very difficult, it'll just be somewhat expensive (assuming equivalent 
performance). I like my O2, but it's really not fast enough (R5K-180PC) 
for most of the things I need to do...

Derek Andersen

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