[rescue] OT: FeeCee rescue

Derek Andersen deanders at pcisys.net
Tue Sep 30 14:27:48 CDT 2003

Mike Nicewonger wrote:
>>Eh. If it were just for Sun stuff it'd be just as off-topic to talk
>>about SGI hardware, Alphas, and so on as x86. Given that I spend much
>>more time with SGI, Apple, and random x86 stuff than Sun hardware, I
>>much prefer Rescue as a platform-independent list.
> That is why somewhere on about two years or so ago the list was then changed
> to reflect the interests in rescue of other cool computers.
> There was comment made on another geekish list I subscribe to groaning about
> all the FeeCee and doze crud on this list. I happen to agree with the poster
> to the other list.
> Might be a good idea to click the link at the bottom of this email and read
> the list description. The word 'Sun' is still prominent in the description.

Yes, I know. I first got on to the list because I'd picked up a couple 
of IPXes at a university auction. :)

> And no, FeeCee's are not servers or workstations in spite of what
> $MARKET_DROIDS tell you.

I didn't claim that they were. I've got an x86/Win2k system that I use 
for games and a cheap x86 laptop running Linux, but everything else is 
SGI or Apple (well, I've got a stack of IPXes, but I'm not actually 
*using* them...). I'm a (typically) broke college student; x86 hardware 
makes sense for what I need it to do.

>>He asked for some help/information regarding a rescued system. Does it
>>really matter what architecture it is?
> To many of us yes. FeeCee's are evil poorly designed junk that are not
> worthy of resuce. Sadly due to financial circumstances I am forced to use
> this here FeeCee laptop. But that will change. However all my network
> services are running on Sun 4m hardware and my downstairs workstation is a
> G3 B&W Mac.

Just out of curiosity, why is a G3 (presumably running OS X) 
'acceptable' while (say) an x86 laptop running Linux (or Solaris x86, or 
whatever) not? Is it just the CPU?

(Certainly most of the *rest* of the parts are the same sorts of things 
you'd find in a commodity PC...I *like* Apple's stuff, but they're still 
(aesthetically pleasing) commodity hardware.)

>>That would be the reason I have so much trouble talking with people
>>about computers: I'm effectively platform agnostic, while almost
>>everyone I know is *some* kind of zealot (usually OS-related, but
>>occasionally hardware as well).
> Maybe you need new friends to talk computers to.

Probably. :)

Derek Andersen

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